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Safe Water 
& Hygiene

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Handwash stations at Masantigie


Water contaminated with high iron levels


In some cases, the existing water supply on the school grounds is contaminated or unsuitable for consumption, possibly by being open to the elements, pollution from rainwater overflows, or by being handled by children who carry germs on their hands from poor hygiene. 

In the case of Masantigie's Global Outreach School, the water was the cause of chronic diarrhea incidents due to contaminants entering the water supply from rain run-off stagnating, producing traces of coliform bacteria in water analysis tests, as well as being handled unhygienically by the children. 

In Malimba Community Primary School, the school groundwater had been found to have very high levels of iron in it, making the taste unpalatable and effecting the color and clarity of the water. 

Additionally, we provide piped handwash stations, allowing children to become practionners of good hygiene. 

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