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Collection boX LOCATIONS:

International School of Geneva LGB- STEM Center
International School of Geneva Nations- Main reception
Photo Express, Rte de Florissant 50, Champel 

or contact us for a collection

ICT Devices


Your donations will help us deliver clean drinking water solutions and computer labs in  schools. 100% of donations raised will be applied directly to the schools' clean water and IT programs. 

Donation $ by Paypal
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or directly to the Reboot2Kids bank account:
Account name: Reboot2Kids
Bank: Post Finance
IBAN: CH38 0900 0000 1555 6049 6 


We are now fundraising to provide a clean water solution for a new school, the Malimba Community School, which just opened its doors in January 2021. The school currently has 180 children. It is full and overcrowded already. 
In November 2021, we funded a borehole well providing the first drops of water to the school grounds. Unfortunately, we found that there is a high concentration of iron in the water, so the children can only use this water for washing and cleaning at the moment. 

We are now fundraising for a similar water project to the one we are installing in Masantigie with water storage, iron and contaminants filter and a hand wash station. We hope you can consider donating to helping these children with a source of drinking water on school grounds. 

Other projects already funded/in progress.

Reboot2Kids is a Swiss tax-exempt public utility. Tax receipts issued for all donations.

Donate $


Your used devices will first be wiped of all data (if not already), refurbished if needed, and connected to the eGranary digital e-library (in some schools), allowing the students to access over 35 million digital educational resources off-line including video, audio, books, journals, websites and services. The e-library is a one time cost and replaces internet service costs. 

Please donate your unused tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops, in either Apple or Android/Microsoft. Laptops and desktops must be able to run Windows 7, or Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, or above.

Donated devices should be in good condition and not older than 2014. We aren't accepting damaged equipment such as broken screens.

Please be sure to turn off Activation Lock if donating an Apple device.

Contact us for a secure pick-up of your donated devices or
Drop-off at these locations:


  • At school collection boxes at the International School of Geneva LGB (STEM Center) and at the International School of Geneva Nations (Reception).

  • At Photo-Express, Route de Florissant 50, 1206 Genève

ICT devices


In our schools, the children often grow up without any shoes. The donated football boots will help the students improve their skills and allow them to compete in local football tournaments and sports days.

The boots must not be broken or ripped and cleaned before donated.

Collections will be done throughout the year in schools and in local football clubs.


22 August 2020- Journée du Club, FC Champel, Vessy, 10:30- 17:00

9 September 2021- Journée du Club, FC Champel, Vessy, 10:30- 17:00



School collection box locations:
International School of Geneva LGB (STEM Center),
International School of Geneva Nations (Reception)



Football shoes provided by Reboot2Kids

to Global Outreach School, October 2021

Football Boots
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