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Masantigie, Sierra Leone

Global Outreach Primary School is situated 40 km from Freetown and serves 4 rural villages in Masantigie. Prior to its founding by the NGO Education For All, the children of these villages had no access to primary education. Through the years, the facilities have expanded to four classroom buildings and an assembly hall. There are now 454 children attending the primary school. While the school provides a much-needed education to these communities, they have not had any access to digital learning yet.


With the help of a generous grant, we are now able to implement the first classroom of 24 new tablets, and be able to fund electricity, internet and the hiring of an ICT teacher for three years. The computer lab is set up now and in use by the children from November 2021. 

In terms of their access to clean drinking water, two water wells already exist on the school grounds which is a big step for having close access to a source of water, but many of the children still suffer from diarrhoea as it is a shallow well which still allows contamination from pathogens, particularly when washed in by rainy season flooding.  The children also have poor hygiene which contaminates their drinking water.  We have developed a tailored solution for the school including a hand-wash station, water tank, solar pump and filtered drinking water tap. Read more on our clean water project for the school, thanks to private donors and a grant from SIG Fonds Mecenat. This project started construction in November 2021 and is nearly complete. 

Kids at Global Outreach really love to play football, especially the girls! We have collected a good number of donated shoes and new socks which were delivered in October 2021. 

Malimba, Sierra Leone

The Malimba village is very isolated and access to the village remains difficult. There is a newly built classroom structure erected who opened in January 2021 and houses 180 students. However, there are more than 350 children from the 7 surrounding villages, so some children still have classes standing outdoors.  An urgent necessity at the school is a water well for close access to clean water.  We have committed to helping provide the borehole well for the school as a first priority, with a water filtration system to follow once we have raised sufficient funds. 

handover of computers PNG.jpg

Ceremony handing over our computers to Gretetu, September 2021



Western Province, Papua New Guinea

Gretutu Primary is a school located in Western Province, the largest province in Papua New Guinea. It has children in grades 1 through 8. Reboot2Kids will be establishing Gretetu's first computer lab. Having ICT devices will go a long way to enhance their learning.

More than 60% of Papua New Guinea's population do not have access to clean water. We are working with the school to develop a clean drinking water solution for their pupils.

Children currently play and participate in local football competitions, though without football boots. 

We installed laptop and tablets devices for one computer lab classroom, along with football boots delivery in June 2021. 

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