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Originally created as part of the solutions for clean water and digital literacy for our school projects, we have created book/app and web versions of them to scale up the impact and reach of our research for other communities. 

For the computer classrooms we delivered to several schools already, we developed "Boot It Up" to help children who have never seen a computer before to get started. 

We have installed on those computers our own educational app, “Water Well: A resource for safe drinking water” that we developed for the children to understand why clean water is important for their health, what pathogens are and how they get in their water, and why personal hygiene is so important for their health.  

A more detailed version of Water Well for adult audiences is also available in book format, to offer ways that a community or household could self-implement access to clean water drinking water, without needing to wait for big water infrastructure projects to be provided by governments or institutions.  We offer an overview of the water situation globally, why our bodies need water, what contaminates our water, the effects of drinking unclean  water, ways of filtering or treating water, and some new technologies on the horizon.  There are concrete actions for communities and households who need clean water, but also actions everyone can take to contribute to water scarcity. We hope that the adding up of a lot of small gestures a lot of individuals and communities can make big collective impacts. 

Please contact us if you would like information about obtaining copies of any of these resources. 

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Boot*It*Up: available in paperback or ebook. Contact us for your school. 

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Water Well app/web (for kids)

or Android app available on Google Play store, or Contact us

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Water Well resource book (for adults)

available on Amazon worldwide sites. (US, France)

or Contact us for copies for your school or community. 

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