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water tower 211121.jpg
water tower 1.jpg
completed water tower 31221.jpg

21 Nov 2021- start of water tower. we had to raise the water tower up to at least 20' in order to have enough water pressure by gravity to provide water through all the taps for handwashing and drinking. 3 Dec, the concrete work is finished, ready for plastering. 

handwash toilets.jpg
front handwash.jpg

4 Dec 2021- the concrete works for the handwashing stations is setting. there will be 2 stations in the main courtyard in the front of the school, with a total of 8 taps. Bar soap will be provided in netted sacs attached by hook at each tap. 

drinking water station.jpg

4 Dec 2021- the concrete works for the drinking water station between the two main classroom buildings where the children can fill their bottles hygienically without dipping into buckets as they did before. 


4 Dec 2021- solar panels have begun to be installed. the panels will power the water pump which will draw water up from the borehole into the water holding tank. 


1 Dec 2021- the Uzima water and sediment filters had been shipped out in early November, but never arrived in Sierra Leone! Thank you to Uzima for shipping out another set, this time they arrived safely in Freetown, with the help of Mr. Louis Vuylsteke of Brussells Airlines. We were worried that flights would be cancelled between Europe and Africa because of the Omicron variant, but we got the filters to Sierra Leone safely in the end!


This is the existing piping from the borehole well. We are removing the existing hand pump and it will be replaced with a modern Grundfos solar pump which will pump water automatically into a 500L holding tank. The water will be filtered from the tank to be free of contaminants for the children to drink. Hopefully the end of their long relationship with chronic diarrhea!


21 Dec 2021- the children taking computer classes (years 5 and 6) thanks to our new computer lab set up, will have the chance to vote on the tiles that will be used for all the water stations.  We researched that when children are involved in decision making, they will feel more connected with the project and will look after it as their own. 

22 12 21 tank.jpg

22 Dec 2021- 5,000L Milla storage tank to hold the pumped water.  Its been raised up to provide enough gravity for the water to flow into the taps of all the handwash and drinking water stations. 

handwash 221221.jpg

22 Dec 2021- handwash station with taps, tiling next!


28 Dec 2021- tiling! tile selected voted on by the children

drinking 12 jan 22.jpg

13 Jan  2022- Handwash stations done, with a year's supply of soap provided

13 Jan  2022- Drinking water station (right). Uzima filters for sediment and pathogens.(left)  This is the end of chronic diarrhea for Global Outreach School students and surrounding villagers!


23 Jan  2022- Project is complete!   Drone photo of water reservoir tank, solar panels which power the solar water pump, and two of the three handwash stations. The drinking water station is between the two classroom buildings and the third handwash station at the back near the latrines.  

wash club kids.jpg


Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 22.21.37.png

The previous existing well at Global Outreach was already a huge step towards having close access to a water source, but was not enough to prevent the children from getting diarrhea which forced them to miss school.   

drainage channel copy.png

Open drainage channel

from the well area



Toilet facilities but no hand-washing sinks


Nov 2022- WASH club to monitor and maintain the system. 
Led by 4 girls' - our WASH ambassadors!

Thank you to IPCS Sierra Leone for partnering with us for construction of our water solution. 

Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 19.17.01.png

Thank you to SIG Patronage Fund for their funding contributions to our Clean Water Project for the
Global Outreach School

Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 19.17.01.png
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