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We have just installed the school's first borehole well providing the first drops of water to the children there, meaning they do not have to walk long distances to fetch water. However, we found that the entire school site's groundwater has very high levels of iron (above WHO recommended levels). While iron is not considered a primary contaminant, it has made the water unpleasant to taste and there are visible particles of iron in the water, so its not consumable for the moment. 


As we know from Masantigie, having a hand pump also permits many instances of possible contamination in the handling of the water.  So, our next project there will be a clean water solution. 


We will install a solar pump to the existing borehole well, which will pump water to a 5,000 litre poly holding tank, which is made in Sierra Leone.  

From the tank,  water will pass through a filter, which will filter out the iron and pathogens, and which is estimated to last around7-10 years without needing to change cartridges.  From the filter, we will have one pipe going to two drinking water taps, and a second pipe going to a new concrete handwash station which will have soap provided as well.  The children will be able to properly wash their hands after going to the latrines and before eating to practice good hygiene. 


We would also like to build a simple 'girls only' cabin where those of menstruating age can have a private place to manage their periods hygienically. 

We selected products that are long lasting, do not require additional electricity, costs or complicated maintenance to make sure that they can last for a long time at the school.

This water project will provide clean water for the 400 children of Malimba School as well as the villagers of the surrounding 7 villages, impacting more than 2,500 people to have clean water. 

We are hoping to raise the funding to start this project by March 2022.  Please help donate to our water project. 

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