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Why is digital literacy so important?

- The digital world allows people in any country to connect, share and participate as global citizens of the 21st century. 

- Digital literacy expands knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom. 

- Digital literacy opens up new ways to access information, to teach and to learn in the classroom.

- Teaching digitally literacy from primary school gives children early on skills and technological knowledge to think critically, evaluate their work and engage with a global community.

- Introducing digital skills in formative years helps them evolve along with information technology. 

- Access to technology gives the possibility to learn outside of school walls and school hours. Distance learning can be an eventual possibility in developing countries during situations like COVID. 

- Children expand their communication, language and media skills by learning digital literacy.

- Students can benefit from communicating with their peers through group messaging, note sharing, cloud sharing, giving them valuable collaboration skills. 

- Being digitally literate is a lifelong skill.  

- Being digitally literate can increase job opportunities. 

- In poor countries internet access can help lift people out of poverty. They may have easier access to bank accounts, loans, information and opportunities to participate in the modern economy for example. 


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