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eGranary Animation

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The eGranary is a great digital library product that we found which is ideal for our remote school situations. We have been working with the WiderNet Project@ the University of North Carolina, the creators of the eGranary.  

The eGranary Digital Library – "The Internet in a Box" –provides access to over 36 million Internet
resources. Through a process of mirroring Web sites (with permission), the eGranary delivers instant access to a wide variety of educational resources including video, audio, books, journals, and software. With its catalog and built-in search engine, the eGranary appears to the end-user to be just like the Internet -- only many, many times faster.

Internet services can be expensive and existing bandwidth is usually so slow that most users cannot access large files, video and audio content. The students in our remote schools can have the internet learning experience without having to burden the schools with ongoing connection fees. 

In addition to the educational materials for the students, the information available in the eGranary can also provide life-changing resources to the villagers around the school communities, including health care, water issues, agriculture and farming. 

Your donations will help us to provide an eGranary for each school. 

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We will be equipping our schools with the 12-volt eGranary server.  It works well in places with unreliable electricity as it is battery-powered and rechargeable by solar energy.  The 12v server also has a built in LAN network so that all the devices in the computer lab can be easily networked to this server. 

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