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10 great reasons why you should REBOOT your ICT devices

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

As new models of ICT devices are released so regularly, keeping up with the latest technology probably means you have old computers, tablets or smartphones sitting around, especially as it is difficult to recycle old devices and trade-ins are not so common with retailers.

10 great reasons

why you should REBOOT your ICT devices

1. Offering older but working computers / devices so they can be reused is a responsible and sustainable action for the earth.

2. Recycling helps conserve natural resources used in electronics manufacturing which are rare and limited in supply (copper, silver, aluminium, platinum and palladium)

3. On average people replace their smartphones after just under 2 years, although their lifespan can extend to 10 years. The life that remains in your devices can really benefit others!

4. Up to 75% of the CO2 emissions throughout the life of a digital device mainly comes from the manufacturing process. The environmental impact is so big that each device would have to be used 40 - 90 years to offset the impact. Although we can't use the devices for that many years, we can at least increase their lifespans with a REBOOT by a few extra years.

5. The volume of e-waste is huge and has reached record high levels: 50 million metric tons worldwide per year.

6. Most devices aren't disposed of properly, largely ending up in landfills, creating huge human health and environmental risks. Toxic residues leak and contaminate the soil, air and water.

7. E-contamination affects surrounding ecosystems, affecting biodiversity, and putting food supply systems and water sources at risk.

8. Western Africa and parts of Asia have become dumping grounds for much of the world's e-waste, increasing health and environmental risks to their inhabitants.

9. Materials used in the devices, such as flame retardants and heavy metals lead and mercury, are hazardous to human health, documented risk to the brain nervous system, lungs, kidneys and links to certain cancers.

10. Help the earth while at the same time helping school children develop their digital literacy!

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