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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Today our water infrastructure system was finished (basically) at Global Outreach (A few minor things still left to be done).| The children of the school have clean drinking water and facilities to wash their hands with piped water and soap for the first time since the school's founding 17 years ago. They will see the end of the chronic diarrhea which had plagued them and sent some to hospital as well every year.

Now these kids can concentrate on their studies, without having to miss school due to diarrhea or other illnesses. Being able to wash their hands will create a more hygienic school environment, especially important right now in battling COVID as well.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in this project, including all of our Reboot2Kids donors, SIG Patronage Fund, Swiss Water Partnership Youth, Ali Haziji from ICPS Limited, Martine Coppens, Victoria Nicol, Louis Vulsteke and Brussels Airlines, Headmaster Arthur Vincent, Dr Sara Marks of EAWAG, Ramzi Bouzerda from Droople, and Adam Mosley from Uzima.

Filtered drinking water station 3 taps, 5,000L water storage tank with solar pumped water from borehole well, and one of the 3 new handwash stations, with soap!

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