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Happy Earth Day- April 22

Updated: May 4, 2021

Happy Earth Day from Reboot2Kids! The first Earth Day was in 1970, created by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who was concerned about the gradually worsening environment in the US at the time, especially air and water. 20 million Americans were inspired and took part in that first Earth Day's activities.

This year, in 2021, more than a billion people worldwide came together during this day centered around the protection of our planet, with actions both big and small! Every one of us can make a difference through simple acts.

As students, there are many things we can on a daily basis to help protect our planet, for example:

- save electricity by turning off lights when you leave your room/home

- bring your own reusable cutlery, straws, and water bottles to reduce plastic pollution

- go meatless at least a few meals a week

- walk to school or town if you can

- take shorter showers

Check out for more ideas and info!

Protecting our earth is a big challenge, but little actions make collective big impacts. Although we are working to help schools in remote areas just one school at a time, each computer, ICT device or pair of shoes you donate and recycle protects the Earth by extending their useful life, conserving resources and reducing waste. You are also helping kids who would otherwise not have access to digital or environmental learning or football equipment!

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