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Uzima Water Filters Project for Global Outreach

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

These are the filters we have chosen for Global Outreach School in Sierra Leone! The school currently has a well to provide drinking water which is a huge step in having close access to a good water source, but it is an unprotected well and unfortunately the the children still suffer a lot from diarrhea and related diseases.

Access to clean drinking water has a direct effect on the children's education. Many children miss class because of sickness related to water related diseases. Dehydrated children are not able to concentrate on their lessons. In the world, every two minutes a child dies due to water related diseases, which are mostly preventable.

We have identified a simple water filter that is easy to use, low cost and long lasting (up to 10 years), Uzima water filters @uzimafilters. No replacement parts or electricity is needed. Uzima filters out 99.9% of bacteria that causes waterborne diseases, with very little maintenance.

"Utilizing Hollow Fiber Membrane technology (the same technology used in kidney dialysis), the UZ-2 filters over 99.9999% of the bacteria that cause waterborne disease. It is easily maintained by back flushing with clean water, requires no electricity, there are no consumables to buy, and no parts to replace. Each UZ-2 has capacity to provide 15L of clean water, with no additional operating costs, for up to ten years. It is a simple, effective clean water solution that is easily deployed. Each UZ-2 comes with a water tap to dispense clean water and a filter cleaner to back flush the filter."

We want to provide Global Outreach School enough water filters to provide clean drinking water for its 450 students. This project will provide 16 of these fifteen-litre UZ-2 water filters which is sufficient for the 450 children to have 1L of clean drinking water each day, and will cost 900 CHF to implement.

Here's how it works:

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