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WINNER Swiss Water Challenge 2021 !

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

We are a winner of the Swiss Water Challenge 2021 for our project, "Reboot2Kids- Water Improvement Through Children's Digital Literacy and Direct Participation". This project supported our the app and resource book, Water Well. Computers that are distributed to the school children to foster their digital literacy will also be preloaded with Water Well to educate the children about WASH issues and clean drinking water.

In this year’s water challenge, Swiss and International young water talents were encouraged to come together to co-create and shape innovative water projects. The 10 winners will implement their projects in 7 countries over a period of one year. Therefore, they not only receive seed funding, but also gain mentorship from leading Swiss water experts, and visibility in the SWP platform as well as in several Swiss and global professional networks.

The Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) is a multi-stakeholder platform bringing Swiss organisations from the academic, civil society, public and private sectors together to find innovative solutions for water challenges in developing and transition countries.

Our project: Water Well.

Water Well : Digital app and website resource for kids to learn about clean drinking water. The resource covers: water issues, gender equality as effected by water access, the water cycle, pathogens, water treatment, actions to help the water problem, and hygiene.

Available on Google Play

A more detailed resource guide for adults to learn about clean water.

Our SWP Youth Water Challenge Kick-Off Event, October 1st, 2021

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