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Malimba Community School opened its doors in January 2021 to 180 children.

It is already full and overcrowded with children as there has been no school to service these villages.  There are more children than space in the school, its overcrowded!


The children there urgently needed access to water.  Thanks to the generous support of our donors,  we completed the construction of the first borehole well fitted with a manual hand pump that gave the school its first drops of water November 9, 2021.  However, from a government water analysis test, we found that the water has very high levels of naturally occuring iron, so we will need to also install a treatment system. 

We will continue our fundraising to provide a water filter system for clean drinking water, and handwash station, similar to the project we have developed for Masantigie. To read more about this project click here



Please donate to help fund the Clean Water Project for
Malimba Community School.

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Photos of Malimba Community School, October 2021


Preparations start for the borehole drilling! 22 October 2021

Its done! The borehole, handpump and well apron. 

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