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Recycling ICT devices and fundraising to deliver internet-based computer labs in remote schools. Recycling football boots and gear for sports.

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Reboot2Kids 'reboots' your used ICT devices and raises money to deliver internet-based computer labs to benefit kids in remote schools.


Even today there are still many barriers to digital literacy, especially for children in developing countries. Reboot2Kids plans to use the innovative eGranary server, a digital eLibrary developed by WiderNet at University of North Carolina. This eLibrary server provides off-line access to over 35 million digital resources, providing the internet experience without needing a live internet connection. The computer labs will be equipped with tablets to connect to the eGranary server. We will also send a kid-friendly manual we have developed for ICT basics. 

We estimate each internet-based computer lab to cost USD 6,000. This includes the eGranary server, teacher's computer, set up, tablets, and shipping. However, donated devices will be reduced the overall cost.  Click here to learn more about the eGranary. 


Each internet-based computer lab will be delivered to the schools as a stand alone package that can be self-sustained by the schools. We will continue to identify new school recipients as our project develops. 

Recycled football boots and gear will also be included in each package to help these children to play the sport with the proper equipment as they often are barefooted. 



ICT Devices

Donate your used:

- smartphones

- tablets

- laptops

- desktop computers

We will reboot and refurbish the devices connecting them to the digital eLibrary and basic applications to start digital literacy in our selected schools.



You can help our project by simply donating money, which will be used for the purchase of the digital eLibrary server and set up of the lab at each school. 

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Football BOOTS

Donate your football boots

Kids in our recipient school countries often grow up barefoot and can't afford shoes, much less football boots. With your donated boots, these kids can really enjoy playing their sport.



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