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What We DO

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 is an organisation founded to help school children in 
developing countries access clean water and sanitation, digital literacy and educational and participative projects. Once kids have clean drinking water, they are healthier and have more time to learn and play. Computer labs are provided to teach digital literacy, but also educate school communities about water issues and we will support them in taking an active part in the solutions. We have a range of solutions that we employ depending on the current situation and more urgent needs of each school. 

CLEAN WATER Our main priority is improving access to clean drinking water which has such a direct effect on the children's education. Many children miss class or are hospitalised because of diarrhoea or other sicknesses related to contaminated water, or the need to walk long distances to fetch water for their families. Dehydrated children are not able to concentrate on their lessons. Even worse, every two minutes a child dies in the world due to water related diseases, which are mostly preventable.  

We work with each of our schools to identify the best way we can help to improve their knowledge and situations related to clean water.  Providing borehole wells, water filters, hand-wash stations, toilet facilities, WASH education, and smart water monitoring are some of the solutions we are working on. 


COMPUTER LABS Beyond just providing a water solution to the children, we will also deliver complete computer labs as a package that can be self-sustained by the schools. The computer labs are either collected and 'rebooted' used ICT devices, or in certain cases are new tablets/servers. Digital literacy can help accelerate the education, livelihoods and futures of all children, but even in our tech-filled world, there are still many barriers to accessing technology for children, and especially girls, in developing countries.


EDUCATION With the computer labs, we also provide educational tools, such as our own guide "Boot It Up" developed for ICT basics in collaboration with the WinSTEAM Club of the International School of Geneva, and Water Well, an educational resource in a children's app version and a resource book for adults.  We know that education is just as important as providing the technical water solutions for the longterm. The guide, to be integrated onto each computer provided, is a resource on clean water and WASH education.

FOOTBALL BOOTS We also want to help children in their physical development. We are collecting used football boots and gear to be included in each package to help these children to play sport with proper equipment and protection.

Recycling and 'rebooting' ICT devices and sport equipment also helps to protect the environment, reducing waste and saving resources.



ICT Devices

Donate your used:

- smartphones

- tablets

- laptops

- desktop computers

We will reboot and refurbish the devices connecting them to the digital eLibrary and basic applications including our water education app, Water Well, to start digital literacy in our selected schools.



You can help our project by simply donating money, which will be used to help improve access to clean water and setting up computer labs at each school. 

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Football BOOTS

Donate your football boots

Kids in our recipient school countries often grow up barefoot and can't afford shoes, much less football boots. With your donated boots, these kids can really enjoy playing their sport.



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